Opening Night Still (x)

Opening Night Still (x)


#BeLOUDER Campaign

To support Lea and celebrate her amazing debut album “Louder”, there isn’t a better way than her own fans to spread the word and promote her album. So join the campaign and tell your friends and everyone you know that Lea’s album is out and it’s awesome!    

Here’s what you can do:

- Post/tweet this image or make your own edit 

- Post/tweet what’s your favorite song of the album and why 

- Post/tweet “I recommend Louder”

Always use these links of the places to buy Louder online:



Lea’s Online Store:

Use the tag #BELOUDER on twitter and I’ll RT your tweets, You can write in your own language and link the stores of your country. If you want, send me a message and I’ll make the edit for your country like the examples above. 

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"I feel like I’ve known these guys my whole life."

Lea with Amber’s family